Friday, June 2, 2017

Download now - The mobile app for every pilot!

Download Now - PFRAT: The Mobile App for Preventing Aircraft Accidents!

When implementing a Safety Management System (SMS), one of the most critical components to develop is a Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT). Because every flight has some level of risk, it is critical that pilots and operators are able to differentiate, in advance, between a low risk flight and a high risk flight, establish a review process and develop risk mitigation strategies.

Personal Flight Risk Assessment Tool enables proactive hazard identification, is easy to use, and can visually depict risk. It is an invaluable tool in helping pilots, operators and passengers make better go/no-go decisions and should be a part of every flight. In several countries, use of a company provided risk assessment tool is not mandated by the regulator and hence not implemented by the operators! There are also several smaller operators who are not covered under this FAA requirement and hence not required to implement a FRAT.

The pilots in such operations are often operating flights with very limited or no support/supervision and from remote airfields/helipads. They are therefore in a high risk environment and more susceptible to an error of decision. Further, they are often under pressure to undertake flights and find it difficult to explain their reasons for denial to their bosses or clients who might have limited or no aviation expertise!

The Erring Human® presents a unique solution to this problem. PFRAT helps those operating in such high risk environments and yet want to be able to assess and control their risks. This application helps the pilots evaluate their risks in a scientific, coherent and data-driven manner and also explain their decision to fly, or refusal thereof, to their managers/clients, even when they lack sufficient aeronautical decision making expertise! This is an invaluable tool for risk mitigation and accident prevention.

Fully Customizeable App.

This is a fully user customizeable app. PFRAT Left menu includes a range of customization and interaction options. Users can add a profile picture and three additional email ids to share a RA with; Hide questions which might not be relevant to their operation; Add new questions with custom risk score; Change the trigger values at which a Red/Amber/Green light is displayed and its associated message.

With these customizations, PFRAT can be tailored to meet the needs of any nature of Aviation Operation, with any aircraft, any mission type and any level of Pilot experience!

For advanced users, a customized app can be delivered based on any operators requirements, specifically customized to the users hazard/risk register, aircraft type and pilot qualification/experience levels. Please contact us if you desire this service.

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Stay Safe!

The Erring Human®.

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